Niche Pulse video keyword software case study on local car dealer keywords reveals Google 1st page ranking opportunities for online and local businesses.

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Here's my video case study on local car dealer keywords and the PDF report that Niche Pulse produced for me:

Niche Pulse Case Study on Local Car Dealer Keywords

Hi, I'm Robin Carlisle and this video is a case study on using Niche Pulse to find highly targeted local keywords that will easily rank Page One on both YouTube and Google.

Here I show you the PDF Report that Niche Pulse produced after analyzing my keywords, but it also provides that report in a .csv spreadsheet format, too.

What are all those "ones" about?

Please note that in the video I frequently mention that some of the videos shown in the case study are "not optimized" for that particular keyword and can easily be outranked.

Let me better explain what I specifically meant by that.

NichePulse methodically searches keyword data to find whether or not there is a video on Page One Google for that keyword. If there is, then it also reports the Moz Page Authority score for that video.

The Moz Page Authority score is a number from 1-100, with the highest numbers representing the most page authority.

In Niche Pulse, whenever you see a video on Page One Google that has a low Page Authority score of 1, then that means that video should be easy to outrank... if you optimize your own video well.

When there are no competing videos in YouTube for that keyword, then there is NO competition at all opposing you.

My ranking strategy using Niche Pulse killer keywords

Niche Pulse Killer KeywordsPersonally, those are my main two keyword targets:

  1. Keywords with videos already ranking on Google Page One with a Moz Page Authority score of 1 (easy to outrank), and
  2. Keywords with no video competition at all on YouTube and Google, meaning no one has optimized, titled, tagged or included that keyword in their description so I'll be the first to rank for those keywords..

My next priority would be to optimize keyword videos for those with only 1-9 competing videos on YouTube, also pretty much guaranteeing me with little to no competition to at least rank on Page One YouTube.

Because NichePulse can analyze keyword lists with infinite numbers of keywords (returning reports in batches of 500 max at a time until your entire keyword project is finished), I personally find there's never a need for me to pursue any other keywords than those with 0-9 competing videos. I leave the rest of them for those who want to work harder or waste time.

Niche Pulse Video Keyword Software ranks more than just local keywords

This video focused on local keywords, specifically for keywords related to a specific brand of car. However, whenever you search for other local keywords, you'll generally find the same thing -- tons of untapped, easy-to-rank local keywords with zero to little competition in ranking.

Whether you're hunting local, affiliate, cpa, Amazon or other keywords, you'll always be able to quickly identify the ones worth pursuing and those not worth bothering with... if you use Niche Pulse to ferret out those Page One, low competition best-bet keywords.

Hunting, gathering and filtering keywords

Also, in my own personal keyword filtering system, I always gather huge numbers of keywords through for free or with one of my paid keyword megatools, pulling in from 10,000 to 100,000 keywords at a time..

I then run them all through the Google Adwords Keyword Planner 800 at a time in quick succession, then merge all those Excel files into one .csv file using the Command Prompt tool in Windows.

After I do that, I sort those keywords to filter out all those that do NOT pay any Adsense earnings as reflected in the CPC column and run only those that pay Adsense income through NichePulse. That way, even if I never bother to further monetize, sell or lease those videos, they will always provide at least some Adsense income that together adds up over time.

Niche Pulse Page One Video Keyword Software  DEMO for Ranking 1st Page Google+YouTube


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